This is a project of the Spring 2017  and Spring 2019 History of American Journalism classes  in the School of Journalism at the University of Arizona in Tucson. It features oral histories of 32 southern Arizona journalists conducted by undergraduate and graduate students. Journalists include broadcast reporters for Arizona Public Media, newspaper reporters, the head of the Arizona Daily Star‘s editorial page, photojournalists, a cartoonist, Borderlands authors, environmental journalists, sports journalists, Arizona Republic reporters and the founder of Tucson Weekly and Edible Baja magazines. Each entry includes a brief overview of the journalist’s career, an audio interview, a photograph of the journalist, and links to his or her work. Professor Linda J. Lumsden supervised the project. Special thanks to digital journalist John de Dios for technical help.

ALFREDO ARAIZA,  Arizona Daily Star photographer

DOUGLAS BIGGERS, Tucson Weekly founding publisher

KENDAL BLUST, KJZZ-FM reporter based in Mexico

CATHALENA BURCH, Arizona Daily Star senior reporter

MIKE CHRISTYArizona Daily Star photographer

CHRISTOPHER CONOVER, AZPM reporter and producer

JOHN D’ANNAArizona Republic senior reporter

JASON DAVIS, The Planetary Society, blogger and reporter

TONY DAVIS, Arizona Daily Star environmental reporter

CARMEN DUARTE, Arizona Daily Star reporter

JOE FERGUSON, Arizona Daily Star  political reporter

RYAN FINLEY, Arizona Daily Star  sports writer

DAVID FITZSIMMONS, Arizona Daily Star editorial cartoonist

SARAH GARRECHT GASSEN, Arizona Daily Star head editorial writer

MARI HERRERAS, Tucson Weekly former editor and freelance journalist

STEPHANIE INNES, Arizona Daily Star reporter

DEBBIE KORNMILLERArizona Daily Star senior editor

IRENE MCKISSON, Arizona Daily Star‘s #ThisisTucson editor/team leader

TOM MCNAMARA, AZPM “Arizona Illustrated” host

TODD MILLER, Borderlands reporter and author

NANCY MONTOYA, AZPM senior reporter

DAVID MORGANCochise County Record publisher and editor


JIM NINTZEL, Tucson Weekly editor, political writer

ERNESTO PORTILLOArizona Daily Star’s “La Estrella” editor

LINDA RAY, rock music journalist and comedian

MARGARET REGAN, author, Borderlands reporter, and arts critic

LORRAINE RIVERA, AZPM “Arizona 360” host and producer

STEVE RIVERA, KVOI “AllSportsTucson” sports reporter

JUSTIN SPEARS, ESPN radio host, Arizona Daily Star digital producer and reporter

LOU WATERS, CNN, KVOA-TV, KOLD retired anchor


ZAC ZIEGLER, AZPM public affairs reporter